Facts about Thor Steinar retail in Germany

German brand Thor Stainar has build a great market position on neo-Nazi scene past years. It also helped to create a new neo-Nazi image and even tho the company says it’s not a neo-Nazi brand, it is a fact, that areas with highest neo-Nazi activities are places with the highest numbers of Thor Steinar retail. The best prove can be Germany, where hackers from the Chaos Computer Club (CCC) got sources from the online shop thorsteinar.de clearly showing this fact.  

Based on this sources which CCC got, the biggest customer-base of the Thor Stainar brand is in Eastern Germany (see map). Area of an ex-NDR is also a place with the highest number by neo-Nazis supported NPD political party, as well as most of the neo-Nazi activities happening in this area. In Saxon for example, NPD got 5.1% of votes in the communal election from 2008, its officers can be found in all Saxon’s city-halls. Berlin on the other hand, place which is unfriendly to neo-Nazis, is one of the islands with low number of Thor Steinar retail from the East side.

Western Germany, comparing with east in regards to Thor Steinar, has much smaller sale rate. Here is TS getting higher income just in a few cities, mainly in areas with strong hooligan scene, as for example: Saarbucken, Hamburg or Frankfurt on Main. 

Based on data gained by CCC, the income from e-shop thorsteinar.de has been 459.546,14 Euro in year 2006, on the other hand it grew up during year 2007 up to 1.807.215,93 Euro. Interesting is, that we can see drop down to 1.265.397,58 Euro in year 2008. As you can see, based on these statistics, we are not talking about small numbers; Therefore, it is important to realize, that for neo-Nazis is Thor Steinar not only an advert to „Nordic“ life style, but also an amazing financial source.

This hasn’t changed even a fact that from year 2009 is this company in hands of an Arabic business-man Fajsal az-Zaruni, which provided the company with a lot of financial support, even tho he is not a neo-Nazi himself. Today, the only owner of Thor Steinar is Uwe Meusel. Axel Kopelke left the company. After winning the courts, TS togs are using the original logo once again. Thanks to investors from Dubaj, Thor Steinar became even more popular and „normal“; Racists are buying TS more than neo-Nazis at this stage.

Map of Thor Steinar retail in Germany. Red places are showing orders from Thor Steinar e-shop.